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Ontario’s Proposed Green Energy Act

This past week, there has been much media attention surrounding the Ontario Government’s proposal on a Green Energy Act. Premier Dalton McGuinty wants to focus on alternative energy solutions for the future, rid ourselves of our coal burning ways, and keep nuclear power as the base for introducing and implementing these new technologies.

As with any political figure and talk of budget plans, McGuinty is facing scrutiny for the plan, and is being questioned on his prediction that 50,000 new green collar jobs will be created over the next three years as a result. Many are concerned about the cost of introducing and using alternative energy sources such as wind and solar – and whether or not taxpayers should be responsible.

The Toronto Star recently featured a question/answer article with McGuinty in Monday’s (March 9th) Business Section.

His parting message in the article is “[…] one of the most important objectives at the outset is to shoot up a big red flare into the global firmament and send notice to one and all that we intend to move in this direction.”

It is undeniable that this “switch” to convert Ontario into using more environmentally-friendly technologies is a positive, forward-thinking plan, but at what cost to taxpayers?

Question – Do you agree with this proposed Green Energy Act even if it means higher taxes?


PS – Stay tuned for upcoming posts & information pertaining to Smart Grid. WireIE’s CTO Tim Brown is in the process of finalizing a whitepaper on the subject.

March 12, 2009

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