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About us

WireIE provides high quality, reliable, secure and scalable networks in underserved markets. When existing solutions are inadequate because they are too slow, too expensive, unreliable or offer high latency, it can impact productivity and output, inhibiting the growth of entire communities.

WireIE provides solutions to overcome constraints around geography, time and budget, which traditional networks can’t address.

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Empowering the Underserved

We believe in the power of connection to equip businesses and communities with the necessary tools for creating a better future.

Access to the digital divide unleashes the potential of entire communities. At WireIE, we believe in empowering agents of social change, and strive to make a positive impact on each person, business and environment that we reach. Check out some of our recent initiatives!

Management Team

We’re proud of our amazing team, who wake up each and every day inspired by a mission to close the digital divide. The combined experience of our passionate and hardworking people has empowered WireIE to make a substantial positive impact internationally.

What We Offer

Our Success Factors

Our Skills…

Network Reliability (Target 99.90% | Actual 99.974%)
MTTR (Target under 8 hours | Actual 2.7 hours)
Latency (Target under 35ms | Actual 6.0ms)
Packet Loss (Target 0.50% | Actual 0.10%)
Real-time year-to-date data.


Best Rural Connectivity Provider for North America

Capacity Media Metro Connect Awards 2014

Award Winner for Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Carrier Awards 2016

Best North American Project

Global Carrier Awards 2016

Fixed Infrastructure Innovation Award

Global Telecoms Business Awards 2016