WireIE’s Private Certified Network for Business

An increasing amount of business expansion is coming from underserved markets. In order to succeed, it’s necessary to ensure teams in underserved departments have access to a high availability, secure and scalable network.

WireIE is North America’s leading network operator delivering a mission-critical private network to underserved markets.

Using the latest in enhanced fiber technologies, combined with world class operational expertise, WireIE delivers a private network for business that is trusted and reliable in underserved markets

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The Promise

  • Real-time information sharing and reporting between remote locations and respective geographical dispersed business units around the world
  • Team co-ordination and productivity is enhanced through ubiquitous access to communication, workflow automation, and office productivity tools.
  • Digital monitoring of reservoirs, paired with remote production control capabilities, makes it possible to be more dynamic when it comes to maximizing production, even revisiting old fields that had been thought to have exhausted their revenue possibility.
  • Machine-to-machine communications allow increased automation, so that non-automated resources can be intelligently redeployed.
  • Everything is connected. Corporate and regional command centers, exploratory and production oilfields, both on-shore and off-shore, pipelines and other midstream transportation facilities, refineries, and even partners and customers downstream.

Key Features

Reliable Support in These Areas
Connectivity – Complete projects faster and take advantage of real-time information sharing with upgraded networks
Problem Management – WireIE ensures minimum downtime and the shortest possible time to recover service in case of any issues
Project Management – Rely on our expertise for all aspects of network upgrades including adherence to HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) standards
Incident Management – Whether it is necessary to dispatch staff or possible to resolve remotely, we flex to meet your needs
Monitoring and Alerting – We work behind the scenes to prevent network issues before they happen, providing you with the information you need to stay running

For more information on our resilient network, visit WireIE’s Our Network page!

Current Approach Enables
A 99.9% service level guarantee
Private networks protect against network eavesdropping and unplanned downtime
Carrier-grade network support – quality of service that rivals experience in metropolitan areas
Owned and operated network ensuring continuous uptime

Benefits of Partnering with WireIE


Ensure your staff in underserved areas have access to the same real-time collaboration tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


Take advantage of WireIE’s expertise to create the secure, high-speed network solution you need to protect against cyberattacks and ensure continuous uptime for your important projects.


Replace legacy technology to improve your department’s service quality. Future-proof your networks for value-added services and IoT deployments.

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