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Resource Extraction


At WireIE, we’re experts at overcoming constraints faced by legacy networks when no one else can. We carefully select and deploy the optimal combination of technologies to guarantee that our customers receive the benefits of reliable uptime for their mission-critical operations.

Our enterprise support model ensures that you can fully trust us to keep you up and running regardless of any issues that might arise.

Learn more about the various markets where we have deployed our network to improve our global digital economy.

Benefits of Partnering with WireIE


Ensure your staff in underserved areas have access to the same real-time collaboration tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


Take advantage of WireIE’s expertise to create the secure, high-speed network solution you need to protect against cyberattacks and ensure continuous uptime for your important projects.


Replace legacy technology to improve your department’s service quality. Future-proof your networks for value-added services and IoT deployments.