Unleash International Potential with Reliable Connectivity

No matter where your business takes you, network performance and availability is a must when it comes to driving operational efficiencies and workforce savings.

Multinational companies are increasingly working in underserved regions and need private networks that can support their real-time, mission-critical business applications, from natural resource exploration and manufacturing to retail and transportation – no matter the environment.

Achieving a high ROI depends on whether your teams in the field have the same access to collaborative communication and mission-critical business applications as those in your corporate headquarters. Organizations that have operations within and outside of the Americas benefit from establishing high-performing, secure and reliable networks in all areas they do business.

To unleash your full potential you need to operate virtually anywhere with a dependable communication chain. We’re here to help!!

Key Features

Reliable High-Speed Networks Offering
Dependable connectivity from your corporate HQ to your regional branches in international underserved regions
Dedicated internet access backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements for performance guarantees
Network diversity that prevents against lost productivity in the event of unexpected downtime of your primary link
Seamless integration for a variety of collaborative communications platforms such as VoIP and video conferencing
Reliable, ongoing network support in international remote locations, where it is difficult to staff project sites with local skilled workers
For more information on our resilient network, visit WireIE’s Our Network page!
Current Approach Enables
A 99.9% service level guarantee
Private networks protect against network eavesdropping and unplanned downtime
Carrier-grade network support – quality of service that rivals experience in metropolitan areas
Owned and operated network ensuring continuous uptime

Benefits of Partnering with WireIE


Ensure your staff in underserved areas have access to the same real-time collaboration tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


Take advantage of WireIE’s expertise to create the secure, high-speed network solution you need to protect against cyberattacks and ensure continuous uptime for your important projects.


Replace legacy technology to improve your department’s service quality. Future-proof your networks for value-added services and IoT deployments.

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