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Connecting Underserved Indigenous Communities

Underserved Indigenous Communities exist in both fringe urban markets, as well as remote underserved locations. They aren’t able to benefit from the same high performing broadband internet that is relied on by most Canadians daily.

The current lack of adequate broadband networks in underserved regions is an issue, especially in Indigenous communities.

We work as an honest broker to assist Indigenous communities in achieving their service objectives.

For more information on our network upgrades for Indigenous communities, download our case study or contact us today!

Key Features

Adding Value to Indigenous Communities with WireIE Solutions
Business Development opportunity through creation of Indigenous ISP revenue stream offering triple play services (high speed Internet, IPTV, IPPhone) through strategic partnership
Validated improvement of broadband coverage for full-time and seasonal households
Improved network access in Indigenous communities, connecting members to the digital economy
Scalable business models, with shorter and more efficient implementation timelines
Detailed broadband infrastructure feasibility assessments and business plan assistance to support applications for funding
World-class engineering utilizing carrier class RF and IP engineering services
Lower capital build costs and operational costs versus Carrier delivered ‘fiber’ models and bandwidth services
For more information on our resilient network, visit WireIE’s Our Network page!

Benefits of Partnering with WireIE


Ensure your staff in underserved areas have access to the same real-time collaboration tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


Take advantage of WireIE’s expertise to create the secure, high-speed network solution you need to protect against cyberattacks and ensure continuous uptime for your important projects.


Replace legacy technology to improve your department’s service quality. Future-proof your networks for value-added services and IoT deployments.

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