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Serving the Underserved

Government operations in underserved regions require a secure, reliable and diverse network to avoid service disruptions and public scrutiny which reduce the total cost of legacy network ownership.

In some markets, inaccessible terrain and harsh weather conditions can make it nearly impossible to rely on legacy network solutions. At WireIE, we have the expertise to address gaps in network connectivity between governments in metropolitan areas and remote service branches in underserved regions with our carrier grade private business network.

Where other providers see an obstacle, we see an opportunity to leverage WireIE’s national private network

High Availability Networks For The Public Sector

WireIE is a respectable network operator that specializes in administering a network for the public sector. Our high-availability private network for business is data sovereign, and supports network security best practices, including diversity, partitioning and encryption.

Our world-class team of experts can work with you to build and extend our private business network to support your mission critical applications in underserved regions throughout Canada and the Americas.

For in-depth information on why WireIE is the most trusted partner for upgrading a legacy network in underserved regions, download our fact sheet or connect with us today!

Key Features

Highest Levels of Security
Holder of a Designation Organization Screening (DOS) certification from the Government of Canada
Certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum in the deployment of microwave-fiber hybrid networks
Employs a data encryption process that is compliant with FIPS 140-2 security level 1, along with an encryption algorithm that is AES-256 FIPS-197 compliant
Highly secure encrypted network management protocols including SMPMv3, SSH and SSL as well as user authentication through RADIUS and TACACS+
For more information on our resilient network, visit WireIE’s Our Network page!
Current Approach Enables
A 99.9% service level guarantee
Private networks protect against network eavesdropping and cyberattacks
Carrier-grade network support – quality of service that rivals experience in metropolitan areas
Owned and operated network ensuring continuous uptime

Benefits of Partnering with WireIE


Ensure your staff in underserved areas have access to the same real-time collaboration tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


Take advantage of WireIE’s expertise to create the secure, high-speed network solution you need to protect against cyberattacks and ensure continuous uptime for your important projects.


Replace legacy technology to improve your department’s service quality. Future-proof your networks for value-added services and IoT deployments.

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