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Our Network

We offer leading edge fiber and digital radio technologies combined with certified world-class operational expertise.


Ensure your teams in underserved regions have access to the same business tools as those in your department’s headquarters.


We deliver a secure private network for businesses that meets the need to protect sensitive data, and ensures continuous uptime for mission critical operations.


WireIE provides a next generation network to improve your organizations’ service quality. Future-proof your business with value-added services and IIOT deployments.

The Costs of Deficient Network Access

Businesses in underserved markets are forced to plan around the technical limitations imposed by inconsistent access to network availability. This reduces their ability to access mission critical data applications, which impacts cost and overall competitiveness. When promised returns on information communication and technology (ICT) investments do not materialize, it leads to lower productivity, lost profits and cyber security threats.

The only way to realize the full benefits of your ICT investments is to bring WireIE’s private networks for business to 100% of the locations in which you operate. We’re here to help!

WireIE High Availability Networks

Whether your enterprise and government locations are in underserved regions or metropolitan areas, it’s unacceptable to have some disadvantaged locations disconnected from the team due to inferior network capabilities.

Each department and member of your business must have access to the high-speed, high availability and secure benefits of WireIE’s private network.

Unleash the Potential Today...

We’re ready to help you overcome your unique challenges by making our future proof network available to you in underserved markets. Let’s get started!

Our Skills…

Network Reliability (Target 99.90% | Actual 99.974%)
MTTR (Target under 8 hours | Actual 2.7 hours)
Latency (Target under 35ms | Actual 6.0ms)
Packet Loss (Target 0.50% | Actual 0.10%)
Real-time year-to-date data.

Built-In High Performance/Reliability

Current Approach Enables