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WireIE – VIP Sponsor of EUCI Conference


As part of Green Energy Week, WireIE is the VIP Sponsor of the Electric Utility Consultants Inc. (EUCI) Conference “Distributed Generation Using Renewable Energy – Realizing The Potential“. This will take place from September 22 – 23, 2009 at Sheraton Centre Toronto, in Toronto ON, Canada.

Description of the Conference: EUCI will present a conference to bring together the important policy, technical, and programming information that regulators, utilities, independent power producers, market participants, service providers and vendors need to know to capitalize on the Ministry’s plan to boost renewable energy Dg/DeR development.   The conference will focus on distributed generation of 10 megawatts or less, which is connected to the distribution grid and associated with load.  it will provide enough technical information to inform and guide policymakers and market participants in the issues and steps they need to engage in moving forward, but that avoids overwhelming detail.  it will also identify and evaluate the key technical and operational issues associated with designing, implementing, and managing an integrated energy portfolio of utility and non-utility interconnected resources.   in addition, the conference  will generally describe optimization of these resources through the evolution of smart grid strategies across distributors, aggregators, transmitters and the system operator.  Finally, it will evaluate the next phase of strategy for optimizing and utilizing key project developments and related timelines that relate to the further development and maturity of the renewable energy distributed generation model envisioned by policymakers.

September 14, 2009

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WireIE owns and operates an agile high-availability private network in underserved markets, offering a minimum 99.9% service reliability guarantee. Our award-winning and certified network overcomes constraints around geography, time and budget to break through barriers that traditional legacy networks cannot address.

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