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Cost of Downtime

Unplanned outages are expensive, and the cost of those outages is exponentially rising. As clients rely heavily on their network connectivity, even slight downtime could have the potential to cost the enterprise money, time and frustration. Networks continue to be more and more valuable to the enterprises they serve, and having a strong and reliable business continuity plan is essential for every network.

According to a 2013 study from the Ponemon Institute, the cost per minute of unplanned downtime is $7,900—a staggering amount for sixty seconds, and a dramatic 41% increase from the previous 2010 study. It is reported that 76% of all enterprises experience an outage per year, while 50% of small and mid-size businesses have no recovery plan at all. Yet a strong and reliable network is crucial for preventing outages and saving enterprises of all sizes an exorbitant amount of money and – importantly – trust from their client bases.

At WireIE we believe a strong and reliable business continuity strategy requires a strong and reliable network. Our three-pronged approach to success is what has kept unnecessary downtime at bay. With our best-in-class, hybrid Ethernet technology and equipment engineered to withstand extreme environments; intelligent monitoring and early intervention practices; and an emergency response network to quickly resolve issues, we set standards to eliminate network downtime before it even happens.

For WireIE, remote locations and strong, consistent demand for bandwidth keep us working diligently to deliver the most reliable networks possible. WireIE delivers a state-of-the-art, high-capacity and reliable network: no matter what.

Downtime is an unfortunate occurrence for many service providers, but our network is best in class every day to minimize the impact of network downtime for our customers. People take their networks for granted, until they go down. Don’t let that happen, and unleash your potential with WireIE.

December 15, 2014

About WireIE

WireIE owns and operates an agile high-availability private network in underserved markets, offering a minimum 99.9% service reliability guarantee. Our award-winning and certified network overcomes constraints around geography, time and budget to break through barriers that traditional legacy networks cannot address.

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