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WireIE’s Expertise in Digital Oil and Gas Telecommunications a Valuable Asset for Argentinian Projects

TORONTO, ON–(May 25, 2017) – WireIE, a wholesale network operator specialized in the deployment of MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet networks to Canada’s underserved markets, continues to expand its digital oil and gas telecommunications network management expertise in South America.

WireIE is operating in the Argentinian Bajada de Anelo gas shale field within the larger Vaca Muerta area. Using skilled local field technicians, WireIE is providing its partners with the overall expertise to configure and deploy the digital infrastructure necessary for project success.

“WireIE has been incredibly successful in providing integrated, reliable and secure networks for oil and gas fields in Canada’s underserved regions,” says Rob Barlow, President and Chief Executive Officer of WireIE. “We continue to prove that our model can be applied to challenging regions anywhere because our core set of capabilities has a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.”

“We specialize in finding solutions for challenging telecommunications situations like the Bajada de Anelo shale fields,” says Jon D’Alessandro, WireIE’s Executive Vice President of Network and Operations. “Through our Day 2 support service, we provide our partners in Argentina and elsewhere in South America with continuous and integrated connectivity from their corporate headquarters to their exploratory and production oil fields.”

WireIE’s Day 2 service targets oil and gas producers who operate in increasingly remote and challenging locations, where it is difficult to staff project sites with skilled workers. Keeping the communications network up and running in the field can save companies thousands of dollars a day. As the responsible authority for its clients on the digital aspects of project, problem and incident management, WireIE lowers the risk of unplanned downtime and allows for greater efficiency in production.

“We are pleased to see Canadian companies like WireIE pursue an active presence in Argentina’s energy sector,” says Eleonore Rupprecht, Trade Commissioner with Global Affairs Canada. “Argentina is one of Canada’s largest trading partners in South America and Canadian businesses recognize the potential for increased trade with Argentina.”

Having calculated a need for a total long-term investment of US $200 billion to reverse its sustained energy crisis, the Argentinian government is encouraging foreign investment in its Vaca Muerta shale fields.

May 21, 2017

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