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WireIE Maintains the Highest Security Standards

Cybersecurity is an issue that can affect us all, but did you know that it’s impacting the oil and gas industry as well? The truth is, most oil and gas companies have already experienced a security breach to their system. In the past year alone, nearly 70 percent of oil and gas organizations have endured security compromises, resulting in exposed confidential information and disrupted operational technology. What’s worse, nearly 46 percent of all cyber-attacks in the OT environment go undetected. With the oil and gas industry in need of a robust cybersecurity solution, WireIE introduced its Nomadic Enhanced Fiber which is an MEF CE 2.0 Certified Carrier Grade Network.

Recognized by multiple award programs for its quality, reliability and innovation, WireIE’s MEF Certified Network has become essential in providing solutions to the unique challenges faced by the oil and gas industry today. WireIE’s private oilfield network supports real-time commercial applications in challenging geographic environments where satellite and cellular simply cannot, eliminating network vulnerability. By providing comprehensive managed services that are tailored and integrated with characteristics of oil and gas operations, WireIE has created solutions to support existing, new and emerging demands as they evolve, leaving limited availability for hackers to breach the network.

So, how does WireIE turn the promise of the digital oilfield into a reality? WireIE specializes in building and operating next-generation network infrastructures needed to support key real-time commercial applications for businesses operating in remote and challenging geographies, such as regions in South America. By using skilled local field technicians, WireIE provides its partners with the overall expertise to configure and deploy the digital infrastructure necessary to keep critical data secure.

For the first time, the whole enterprise – from the head office, to the extraction sites, to various remote field locations – can drive optimum productivity, efficiency and safety throughout the digital oilfield. Companies can now confidently deploy essential data and applications which can be utilized and supported by an infrastructure that operates with speed, security and consistency, and which is underwritten by a contractually assured level of service.

WireIE is unique, and with its digital oilfield solution, the oil and gas industry can now rest easy knowing that their networks are secure and that they can benefit from safer operations. No other company does more than WireIE to ensure access to your strategically critical data, wherever your operations may be.

To find out more about WireIE’s state-of-the-art, SLA backed, digital oilfield solution, contact today.

June 8, 2017

About WireIE

WireIE owns and operates an agile high-availability private network in underserved markets, offering a minimum 99.9% service reliability guarantee. Our award-winning and certified network overcomes constraints around geography, time and budget to break through barriers that traditional legacy networks cannot address.

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