The Economist Takes a Deep Dive into our Industry’s Future

Business transformation is on every network operator’s mind as demand for voice levels off while demand for data continues to grow exponentially. As a result of this shift, the industry is being forced to reinvent itself. Fourth generation network technologies promise to bring capital and operating costs in line with the world of data, but […]

New Terms for a New Reality

WireIE was founded on the basis that significant change was imminent in the world of wireless network technology, our company’s core expertise. This change would impact the way services would be delivered. In fact, the very nature of the services themselves would significantly change. New approaches to designing, deploying and managing networks would result, and […]

The “Disruptive” Impact of TD-LTE

There has been much discussion lately about spectrum limitations in light of the market’s ever-increasing appetite for mobile data services. As we look ahead to fourth generation technologies, we recognize that asymmetrical duplexing associated with TDD (Time Division Duplex) will yield some efficiencies over the inherent symmetry of FDD (Frequency Division Duplex). TDD has the […]

List of Technical Terms & Acronyms

Hi readers, Acronyms can be confusing. At WireIE, we constantly like to keep an up-to-date, ongoing list of all the terms that relate to our business and industry. Click here to access the PDF. We will be updating it again in the coming weeks and will be sure to blog and tweet about it once again. Please leave […]

Capacity North America – Silver Sponsors

WireIE is a Silver Sponsor of the 10th Annual North American wholesale telecommunications conference this fall in Toronto. Please click here for more information about the conference including the agenda.

Globe & Mail Article on Canada’s Rural Broadband

The article entitled, “Canada’s Digital Divide” by Iain Marlow and Jacquie McNish appeared in Saturday, April 3, 2010′s Globe & Mail Report on Business section. This is a passionate topic for us at WireIE so our President & CEO Rob Barlow decided to write a letter to the editor, as well as participate in the live blog discussion on […]

Broadband Wireless Takes on Legacy Broadband

As experts in next generation networks, WireIE has been a strong promoter of WiMAX from the start.  As the impact of Clearwire’s WiMAX network roll-out takes hold, trends in customer behavior are beginning to emerge. In this article by Marguerite Reardon, the question is asked, “Can 4G wireless take on traditional broadband?”  WireIE believes the answer […]

WireIE’s Backhaul Project

WireIE is currently deploying a 20-site backhaul project that entails installing and testing Dragonwave microwave equipment. The result of this project will be an all-IP HSPA network, which will pave the way to an LTE network in the future. The project also utilizes WireIE’s best-in-class Project Management expertise for the defined installation process and methodologies. […]

Press Release – George Kaichis Joins WireIE Team as Director of Radio Network Services

RICHMOND HILL, ON, Sept. 22 /CNW/ – WireIE Holdings International Inc. is pleased to welcome George Kaichis to the team as Director of Radio Network Services. WireIE is a global provider of IP-based broadband wireless network solutions. With unique expertise in wireless/IP integration, WireIE offers whole product solutions in support of many wireless and carbon […]

Article – “Why Transform Your Network”

The below article was recently published in The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organisations’ CANCION Second Quarterly Magazine of 2009. “Why Transform your Network?” By Jennifer MarronMarketing & Communications Specialist, WireIE Holdings International Inc. The Internet and the World Wide Web have revolutionized society. The quality of a user’s experience on the web depends directly […]