WireIE’s MEF Certified Carrier-Grade Network Recognizedby 2016 MEF Excellence Awards

TORONTO, ON – November 3, 2016 – WireIE, a wholesale network operator specialized in the deployment of MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet networks to Canada’s underserved markets, announces it has been listed as a finalist for the 2016 MEF Excellence Awards. WireIE’s innovative MEF CE 2.0 E certified nomadic Ethernet solution has led to its recognition as […]

WireIE Shortlisted for Capacity Global Carrier Awards

TORONTO, ON – November 1, 2016 – WireIE, a wholesale network operator specialized in the deployment of MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet networks to Canada’s underserved markets, announces it has been shortlisted for the Capacity Global Carrier Awards. WireIE was nominated for the award based on its innovative solutions for resource-based companies, which provides carrier-grade, MEF-certified Ethernet to […]

Reliable Connectivity Reducing Operation Costs in Underserved Regions

Technologies empower businesses operating in underserved regions to perform at optimal standards with increased effectiveness remaining operationally lean, flexible and responsive. As a result, innovative new technologies such as unified communications, cloud and big data, reduce overall costs for organizations and create a lasting impact. However, in order for technologies to drive these results it […]

Technology: Easing Pressures for Oil and Gas

The Canadian oil and gas industry is transforming, giving rise to new opportunities in resource exploration and extraction. Companies are experiencing new and increased pressures to improve productivity and decrease costs. The adoption of technology is a critical strategy for facing these challenges, to remain fiscally strong and globally competitive. Companies who choose to wisely […]

Cost of Downtime

Unplanned outages are expensive, and the cost of those outages is exponentially rising. As clients rely heavily on their network connectivity, even slight downtime could have the potential to cost the enterprise money, time and frustration. Networks continue to be more and more valuable to the enterprises they serve, and having a strong and reliable […]

This Past Winter, WireIE not only Survived, but Thrived

The Canadian winter of 2013-14 made for some harsh conditions throughout the country. Between the never-ending snowfalls and the ice storm in Ontario, we knew we were in for a challenge. Not only did WireIE survive this winter, we thrived. To the harsh conditions we say: bring it on. WireIE prides itself on being an […]

Imagine a world with no standards for anything

Standardized traffic signals allows for orderly transportation. Standardization in certain medical procedures allows for vaccinations to be developed, and exceedingly complex medical procedures to enjoy mass adoption. Standardization in manufacturing technologies allows for mass production. Without standardization in virtually every aspect of our lives, the world would be a very different place today. Back in […]

Metcalfe’s Law and the Value of Rural Networks

In 1965 an observation was made by David House that over the history of computing hardware, the processing power of a minimal cost computer chip would double approximately every two years – Moore’s Law. While the impact of that forecast has been widely accepted and credited with significant advances in technology and associated economic benefits, […]

The Shift to Microwave Broadband Is Coming Sooner than You Think

The tide is shifting on acceptance and adoption of microwave radio as a viable alternative or supplement to fibre and economics may dictate more of the same. For many in the telecommunications industry the recognition of microwave as a viable alternative to fibre to create carrier grade bandwidth with industry leading latency is not old […]

Smart Grid in Ontario – A Great Positive Step

On June 8, 2012, the Government of Ontario took the next step in their Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy, with the release of the Clean Energy Institute (CEI). The new institute will bring together industry leaders and utility companies to build on Ontario’s strengths in smart grid technologies and other clean energy innovations. In conjunction […]